Waspack was an alien obtained in the Omnitrix, the computrized DNA Sample of a Hormech from Hormekia, apearring first in Omniversal.

General Information
Species Hormech
Home World Hormekia
Body Humaniod Muscular Bee
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength (for his size)
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Reflexes
Limited Electrokinesis
Speeded Flight
Durable Toungue
Slippery Skin
Powerful Shockwave
Underwater Breathing
Water Pressure Capability
Equipment Stinger
Voice Actor Tara Strong, high and squeaky voice.
First Appearance A Beast comes out
I'm gonna BEE..t the Hell outta you.

–Waspack's Punchline, in Omniversal

You've just been Stung by the best

–Second Punchline, in Omniversal


He is a humaniod bee, very muscular.  He is mostly designed with black and yellow stripes, excluding his hands. He is only about 6 inches tall. There a spikes located on the part of his legs between his first and second joints, and on his foot.

In Omniversal, his shirt is constructed of mostly black and green stripes (what is supposed to be yellow and black), and his wings and eyes are green. His whole body is black, exlcuding the arms, wings, etc. The Omnitrix is located on his chest.


He is very strong for his size, being able to lift Zon a little off the ground, supported by durability. He is very flexible and agile, able to squeeze through small spaces (especially his slimy skin). His reflexes are sharpened, too.

He can emit and electrical shockwave from his antennae. He is very fast when it comes to flight, and can use his extremely strong tongue.

He is able to breathe underwater, and survive deep water pressure

He can continuously shrink down to small size.


If he goes in water two weaknesses are available:

  • His wings will most definetly get wet, and reduce flying speed, or the ability to fly at all.
  • If electrical powers are used in the water, he will mostly get shocked, more if higher water pressure.

He can easily get stuck to sticky stubstances, proven in a future episode of Omniversal. Heat will weaken him even more, unless shrunken to the point where particles are easy to dodge (heat particles move fast, but he has enhanced reflexes).


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