Vilgax and Ah Puch teams up with Forever Knights to get a legendary book called Japonicus Karatia, which can give amazing powers to the one who read it. Ben and Gwen heard of Vilgax's plan and followed him. Vilgax's trail led to the Pyramid of Khufu. Suddenly, Ben, Vilgax, Forever Knight, Plumbers was surprised, the book was gone. Psyphon, who was fired by Vilgax had the Book of Japonicus Karatia. Ben knocks Psyphon out and the book flies away. The book flies to Hel. Hel tries to open the book by means of magic. The book flies away and sunk into somewhere in Greece. Ben changes into Jetray and followed the book. Before they had it, Ah Puch punches Kevin and Gwen. The book went to Atlantis, the righteous place. The Atlantis Queen, the goddess Aphrodite asked Ben to read the Book. When Ben read it, the book suddenly gave him the new DNA, Samurai! Vilgax and Forever Knights attacked Aphrodite but thwarted by Ben (as Samurai) and defeated them.

Aliens used


Big Chill





Razor Teeth



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