In this epsode Ben returns to Belwood only to find a power outage!Ben tries to go Brainstorm but the Ultimatrix is zapped by electricity right before he transforms!Ben then turns into Zaaaap.Next he is attacked by Amperis!Ben zaps them but it does no good.He is then knocked out.When he wakes up he finds he is in a contaiment pod!Then the Amperi King appears and says what is your buisness being here.Ben says this is my hometown and where is everybody!The king says they are asleep.Ben then is so shocked he turns back into himself.Next he goes Goop and escapes.Then he goes Ampfibian and attacks them.As the battle went on Ben beat the soilders.The king was amazed and surrendered.Ben calls the Plumbers to pick up the Amperi King.But Daggergor shows up before the Plumbers and ask do you want to be in my army?He replies yes.Then the plumbers show up and are surprised again to find him not there.

Major Events

Ben unlocks Zaaaap again.

The Amperi King joins Daggergor's army.





The Amperi King

Amperi Soliders


Aliens Used

Zaaaap(Brainstorm was selected)



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