Zedo is Azmuth's brother. He has been a threat to Jake 10 many times. He is the main threat in: Jake 10: Zedo's Invasion.


Zedo was Azmuth's rival growing up. Their rivarly was about who was the best inventor. Soon Zedo ran away. He discovered he had powers like no other being in the galaxy. He started to train these powers and eventually he mastred them. Once Azmuth found out about his brother's powers he couldn't let him live. They had a fight at a lab. Azmuth pushed Zedo in a pit of toxic poison and he mutated. He returned in Jake 10: Zedo's Invasion. The way he was defeated is Jake jumped in with him into a big containment unit and turned into goop until Zedo couldn't breath and died. Then Vilgax built him into Cyborg Zedo. Eventually Ben was able to defeat him. Ben tied him to a wire and he blew the machine up. It overloaded Zedo's system and he melted. Then Jake put his melted body into a Plumber storage system.

Mutated Appearence

He has a big, diamondhead like body, with stinkfly wings, fourarms' arms,fangs, cannonbolt's back,swampfire feet, and a galvan head.

Robot Appearence

His robot appearence is the same as his mutated appearence only with robot parts.

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