Ghostfreak made an alliance with Hel and Ares. Ghostfreak created a molecular disintegrater. Ghostfreak act it on Garm, Hel's dog with a chair. It turned Garm into a chairdog. Then Hel stole the integrator and used it on Gwen. Gwen becomes a zombie and obeyed Hel's command to destroy Ben. Ben changes into Anodite Brainfreeze and open Mana Freezer on Hel. Then Hel upgrade the integrator into a bomb. This caused Kevin, J.T, Cash and other students from School turned into Zombies. Hel commanded them to capture Ben. Hel lasered at Omnitrix. Omnitrix uneffected, released Master Control. Ben changes into Anodite Jetray and blasted the people and then changes into Anodite Chromastone and restore some of the people. A (Short of Anodite) Big Chill froze the people and fly up to Hel's ship. Ben then changes into Nanomech and reversed effects and kicked Hel back to Nifheim. Ben then reversed all the effects that Hel done.

Aliens Used

  1. Anodite Brainfreeze
  2. Anodite Lodestar
  3. Anodite Jetray
  4. Anodite Chromastone
  5. Anodite Big chill
  6. Anodite Nanomech

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