Zs'skagax is the main antagonist of Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution when the Sons of Vilgax and Ghostfreak morphed together using the mergematrix


Since the Sons of Vilgax and Ghostfreak's personalities are now combined, he (or they) is crueler, even eviler, and very mysterious. He is a very great stradegest. He is also honorable and knows if he's defeated. He is a great strategiest and also researches his enermy before facing him/her to see what kind of powers he will need. If a battle is too complicated to do on his own, he will gather a team. He is able to mentally track the Cryptomatrix when it's in use.


  • Matter/Energy absorption
  • Super Strength/Telekinesis
  • Energy/Laser Beams
  • Wind Breath
  • Intangibility/Invisability
  • Flight
  • Morphing (Limited to Ectonurite and Chimera Sui Generis)


  • Light
  • Since he is so big, he can only fly up to 20 ft
  • Slow
  • Too Big to reach small places
  • When the Cryptotrix is activated, it weakens his powers
  • When he falls down, it's hard for him to stand up


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